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About us

We like to keep things simple and well done. This is why we put all our efforts in this idea we love, a place to eat and drink, tasty and unpretenciously. Our main goal is to serve GOOD FOOD, written in capitals.  It does not mean that we are trying to make high cuisine, neither to cook dishes with super long names, it’s just that we want our burger’s meat to be perfectly cooked, we want tomatoes to taste like tomatoes, and we want you to think: “this is delicious!”, when you try one of our sandwiches!

This project was born in Ximo Muntaner and Isaac Aliaga’s minds and stomachs, childhood friends and creators of El Santo’s big sister: La Santa, placed in El Prat de Llobregat.  Although they were not perfect students, they were able to get involved in crazy projects that turned out really well. And this is more or less how El Santo was born.

After this, their friend Pablo Albuerne joined the project. He’s a chef with a festive spirit who shares the enthusiasm and the aim to turn anything into an adventure. You can follow his crazy culinary experiences at Gypsy Chef’s República Gastronómica.

Our brand are the grilled burgers in a coal Josper oven, the fresh products and the tasteful ingredients that make our recipes so succulent.  But we don’t want to explain anything else… just come to El Santo in Sitges, and taste it yourself!


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