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On the top (and under) of a good burger there’s always a good bread.

At El Santo, we want our buns to be always fresh and tender but we want also the breads’s flavour to match perfectly with the rest of ingredients in the meal.

This is why all of our products are made why our own recipy, you won’t be able to find the same bread in any other restaurant! It’s ours and just ours! Our bread is homemade and we love creating new flavours by adding to the dough ingredients such as curry, seeds, beetroot and other things that we won’t never reveal, our bread is our best kept secret.

Con nuestro pan se hacen las burgers más deliciosas y los mejores sándwiches de Sitges

In Cal Mossen they knead it and bake it, just as we like it, tender and spongy buns and crispy and dense sandwich bread.

For those bread lovers whom like to get their hands dirty and feel in the mood to raise a pet called “soudough”, we leave you this link to Madrid tiene miga blog where you’ll find the way to bake your own bread and not spend a fortune in “gourmet bakerys”.



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